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Women On A Shoestring - Two Plays

Image of Women On A Shoestring - Two Plays


Two Plays
Empty Suitcases by Merrilee Moss
At the Crossroads by Jan Cornall

At The Crossroads
Four country women meet at the crossroads in outback Australia to choose a new president for their CWCMP - Country Womens Multi Purpose Committee.The audience become voting members as each candidate gives their speech in song - a young, keen, green daughter in law, an elder conservative farming widow and an Italian banana farmer's wife. As they wrestle the ghost of their dear departed long running president Beryl, they meet a newcomer, an Aboriginal woman from the city come to claim her mysterious inheritance - a parcel of land. But just what connection does she have to Beryl, the dictator president who still rules from the grave. Suddenly it all becomes clear!
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