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Take Me to Paradise, Novel

Image of Take Me to Paradise, Novel

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Jan Cornall's debut novel set in Ubud, sells in Bali bookshops alongside Elizabeth Gilbert's, 'Eat, Pray, Love". Published the same year, 2006, by Saritaksu Editions, and set between the bombings that shattered the harmony of this peaceful isle, it offers a different perspective on the Bali experience.

The Blurb
"Marilyn wakes up one morning at home in Sydney and instead of taking the bus to work, catches the 'I don't like Mondays' flight to Bali. But is she too late to indulge her paradise dream? How many western women have arrived before her and fallen headlong for the lush green island its exotic culture and their attractive driver?
Marilyn finds her paradise, but is she prepared for the demands paradise will make of her?"

The Review
"Anyone who has made an impromptu, solo trip to a hitherto unknown country will immediately recognize themselves on the opening page of Australian writer-performer Jan Cornall's Take Me to Paradise.

While Cornall's first work of prose -- she has previously written plays, poetry, songs and a screenplay -- explores underlying themes of abandonment, self-denial and loss, it is never pedantic nor forced in their treatment, and at times borders on self-effacing. Instead, what stands out is her sense of humor, one that finds the comic in all encounters, especially the absurd and awkward.

Part travel journal, part diary, Take Me to Paradise is a gem of a novella likely to become a well-worn travel companion."
Chistato O'Hara, The Jakarta Post